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Absolute Beauty has chosen to use and stock what they know are only the best products. These will give you superior results, that not only you but your family and friends will notice also.

OPI Gelcolour by OPI - With innovative gel technology polished to perform, GelColour by OPI gives you weeks of glossy OPI colour in lightening-speed, LED -cured services only your salon can deliver.
ASAP Skincare ASAP Skincare is based with Glycolic acid, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), originally derived from sugar cane and has the proven ability to loosen and remove dead skin cells, smooth skin texture and stimulate new collegen growth. This results in you experiencing younger, fresher looking skin and a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also great for acne problems.
Lashform Enhance your eyes today, with Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash extensions. They will create longer, thicker curlier and more abundant eyelashes. LOOK YOUNGER - eyelash extensions make your eyes appear as if they were lifted, giving you a wide - eyed youthful look. TIME SAVING - As there is no need for mascara you have one less thing to do in the morning, and you will look great straight from the pool or gym. They will last 3 - 5 weeks before maintenance is required.
MoroccanTan MoroccanTan combines the deep absorbing nourishment of Argan oil with their exclusive spray tan formula of triple enhanced bronzers and moisture lock to create the perfect natural bronze tan. Enriched with Argan oil and vitamin E, MoroccanTan helps soften and moisturise the skin, producing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky. The flawless, streak-free spray tan, infused with organic argan oil helps hydrate the skin, making your tan last longer. Suitable for all skin types, the 2-hour quick-drying formula develops over time. Alcohol, sulphate and paraben free. Non sticky, non oily formula absorbs deeply to help nourish the skin and enable it to literally glow.
Prescription Nails The professional alternative to Acrylic nails. Prescription Nails, like acrylics enhancements, are perfectly fitted to the nail, but unlike acrylic nails, they are pre-formed eliminating many issues. A clear nail designed to perfectly replicate the width, curve and arch of your natural nail, and the nail can be finished with polish, minx, and nail art, like any other nail enhancement. Prescription nails will need to be replaced with a brand new set, every 2-3 weeks, as they grow out from you cuticle area. This procedure is done with soaking in warm acetone for 5 to 10 minutes, the nail bed is then clean, and prepared for a whole new set. No odour, no damage to the nail bed, no over filing. The professional solution for a beautiful nail extension.
Curtis Curtis Collection By Victoria is a 100% Australian owned boutique makeup brand, offering a prestige line of professional cosmetics. The premier range features a dedicated mineral collection, designed to pamper and perfect, while treating the skin with the most powerful natural ingredients.
Let us assist you in creating your unique took for that special occasion. Whether you prefer a light natural makeup to enhance your features or a more edgier look, we take time to deliver you the desired effect that you are after. Perfect for formals, weddings, graduations or that special night out.
Pure Fiji The unique Pure Fiji Spa rituals reflect beauty, spirit and traditions of Fiji where beauty is felt, spirit is honoured and traditions are respected. The exotic treatments are designed to utilize the islands’ natural resources, embracing the uniqueness of Fiji. Breathe Deep and be transported far away to the tropical Fiji Islands.
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